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Do you want to chat and get to know new people?

On Speakbe, you can talk with whomever you want about whatever you want after logging in for the first time, without the need to add anyone to your friend list! What can you write about? About everything, generally. Silly stuff, social issues - including national and local ones - sports, politics and even your bad day – however, be prepared that somebody will react to your post quickly!

Watch live coverages!

As locality is the most important issue on Speakbe, there are, apart from user posts, live coverages of local events, conferences, fairs etc. At the moment, all coverages are made by the Speakbe Live team members, but soon they will be joined by journalists from national and local editorial teams!

Create a list of your favourite places and groups!

On Speakbe, there isn’t only one wall on which you can talk. There are infinite walls. These are the walls of countries, cities and groups. Each user can write on any chosen wall: for example, on the wall of their favourite city or hometown. You can also create lists of your favourite walls to be able to access them quickly!

Do you want to take part in testing of Speakbe?

Do you have a company or are you responsible for marketing of a small or large, local or global company and would you like to promote it on Speakbe? Be sure to leave us your e-mail address! We are working on Speakbe Brand – a tool in which companies and brands will be able to contact their customers.

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